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Providing free health care services 7am-9am Thursday mornings


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To provide non-judgmental, non-confrontational, sustainable primary
health services to those not in a position to seek or to source it for themselves:
the marginalised, the chaotic, the vulnerable.


Healthy Connection for All is a not for profit outreach initiative run by Mayfield Medical Connection (MMC), an innovative surgery focused on delivering effective, quality and diverse health care and wellness support by a team of happy, well supported professionals and support workers. Our passions are community, training, innovation and balance.

Healthy Connection For All aims to provide regular medical services to the homeless and vulnerable of Newcastle. Crossing the gap between living on the streets and living what society deems a “normal life” is typically very difficult. Obtaining routine healthcare is one of these difficulties.

Health issues for those with compromised diet, shelter, stability and hygiene are high.

Our vision is to provide regular availability of GP services to the homeless and vulnerable, assisting them to achieve better health outcomes may also assist them to cross the gap and become fully engaged in the community. Mental health has been cited as a major issue in the incidence of homelessness. Making the GP accessible also makes mental health services accessible.

By providing routine healthcare assistance to some of Newcastle’s most vulnerable, we also have the potential to reduce the load on emergency departments and paramedic services by providing care before perhaps easy fix issues become chronic or dangerous due to lack of attention and treatment.

Let’s do it


Thank you to our sponsors

Elizabeth Nicolle

Miranda Cook

Kristy Bayliss

Bo Wong

Lisa Craig

Lisa McFayden

Geoff Townsend

Ian Gray

Dene Kilpatrick

Ashley Windus

Ryan Duggan

Jane Jenkinson

Kath Teagle

Chris Teagle

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